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The core mission of this humble, faith-based organization, is to tirelessly assist the poorest of the poor in the nearby country of Haiti through the hands of the Little Brothers and the Little Sisters of the Incarnation.  By living amongst the peasants of the Central Plateau in the region surrounding the village of Pandiassou, over the past several decades the Little Brothers and Little Sisters have made great strides in improving the lives of thousands of Haitian citizens — all this while working diligently to educate them and to instill sound Christian values.  In the words of their leader, Brother Francklin Armand, their primary objective is “to become one with the peasants” so that they can facilitate their physical and spiritual passage to a better standard of living.  Kindred Journey Charity strives to make this objective a reality.

Kindred Journey


Msgr. Arnold Gaus

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Brother Francklin Armand


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Our Father – in Haitian Creole

Papa nou ki nan syèl la

Se pou yo respekte non w

Se pou yo rekonèt se ou ki wa

Se pou volonte w fèt sou tè a tankou nan syèl la.

Pen nou bezwen chak jou a

Ba nou li jodi a.

Padone sa nou fè w

Tankou nou padone moun ki fè nou kichoy.

Pa kite nou pran nan pièj

Men delivre nou ak sa ki mal.


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Kindred Journey is a faith-based charity striving to improve the lives of the poor peasants in Haiti, primarily in the Central Plateau region


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